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Project Description:
The project it's based in the ability to extend funtionality in the Microsoft Office 2010 suite.

Albalia (and now the OffInvoice community) has developed a new Ribbon extension that installs as an Add-in on MS Word 2010 or MS Excel 2010 to allow the management (issuing, visualization and reception) of electronic invoices, based in the XML format Facturae v3.1, Facturae v3.2, UBL (Universal Business Language) and CII (Cross Industry Invoice).

The Add-in uses Word or Excel as a template for data capture in the case of issuing, for visualization in a friendly way in the case of reception. Permits validate and sign with electronic signature in XAdES-EPES and XAdES-XL formats. OOXML is in this way a "container" of the xml invoice, that can also show a defined layout.

It creates a new Ribbon entry or toolbar with dedicated electronic invoice options, under the title "OffInvoice".

  • Issuing of Electronic invoices and paper invoices.
  • Interoperability with the current XML formats of electronic invoices:
    • Facturae V3.1 (proposed by the Spanish Administration)
    • Facturae V3.2 (proposed by the Spanish Administration)
    • UBL (Universal Business Language)
    • CII (Cross Industry Invoice)
  • Has 4 predefined templates for adjusting the requirements of the invoice (MS Word and MS Excel).
  • Management of issued, received and drafts.
  • Invoice validation:
    • Accounting Validation
    • Schema Validation
    • XAdES Signature Validation
  • Invoice import for visualization and/or validation (from XML file and generated by another user of the addin).
  • Invoice export in XML.
  • Corrective/amendment invoice generation.
  • Create new invoices from one previously issued.
  • Send Invoices thru e-mail.
  • Multilanguage interface (English, Spanish and Catalan)


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